Photos: Best of 2014

I’d like to think I made a lot of progress as a photographer in 2014. I upgraded my hardware and software, and in general, spent more time thinking about the shots I wanted to capture and what I wanted to do with them afterwards.

I also got a dog, so that helped a lot.

I don’t update this blog terribly frequently with photos, but I do keep my Instagram feed fairly up-to-date, so if you like what you see here, there’s plenty more of this to be had.

Photos: Highline Chamber Orchestra

The Highline Chamber Orchestra is my brother-in-law’s contemporary/pop/casual string ensemble, and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing three of their performances:

In the Highline Park, October 6, 2013:


At their fall concert, November 15, 2013:


And most recently, at their winter concert, December 11, 2013:


More pictures, and information about their future concerts, can be found on their website.

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