2008 By The Numbers

What a year. Below are some things I’ve accomplished, help make possible, or experienced in 2008, by the numbers.

66,882,230 Votes for Barack Obama for President
254,000+ Visitors to OverthinkingIt.com
17,000+ Job placements by NYC’s Workforce1 Career Centers
30 Articles written for OverthinkingIt.com, including 1 which was featured on the Freakanomics Blog
16 Days spent in South Korea, during which I got 1 monkey off of my back
4 Weddings
2 Student internships at Asian American nonprofits
1 Funeral
1 Promotion
1 Move to a new apartment
1 Lee-Soffin Acoustic Rock Duo Concert
Too many things I’m looking forward to–and worried about–in 2009 to count.