Taipei Highlights, Part 2: Night Markets!

Imagine, if you will, a densely packed outdoor market where you can buy clothes, electronics, accessories…and the craziest fried Chinese food in the world. Like corn dogs stuffed with french fries:

Welcome to a Taipei night market. My pictures won’t be able to capture the energy, the tastes…or the smells…of these vibrant scenes, so do yourself a favor and go to Taipei to see them for yourself.

I had never been in the presence of so many…novel…food products in my life. These are Chinese burritos, for lack of a better description:

These are flaky buns stuffed with peppered beef and scallions:

These guys? Chicken butts:

Fried bread, wrapped in a thin flatbread. I call it Chinese meta-bread:

And as if there weren’t enough open flames among the food vendors, the merchandise vendors were happy to add their own:

And as if you didn’t need any more reminders that this is a place very different from the United States, I leave you with this image of some very young night market workers. I suppose child labor isn’t as taboo and/or regulated in Taipei as it is in the West:

I don’t mean to end on a down note. The night markets are fantastic. They’re just very different from our more orderly, less chaotic lives in the West. And that’s far from a bad thing. As long as these kids still have time for their homework.