Halloween 2009

I went as a “Guitar Hero Hero”:

IMG_0209Notice the DIY touches: the “You Rock!!” title and the “rock meter” (maxed out, natch).

This year’s spook-tacular agenda took me to a brief viewing of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade:

IMG_0202and a spectacular performance by my friend’s theater troupe, the Striking Viking Story Pirates.


I AM A ROCK GOD. The game even told me so.

I’d beaten the game on hard over 2 months ago and found myself screaming in joy by myself in my apartment at that time. This time, thankfully, my roommate was around to both witness the event and share the moment with me. So wasn’t screaming in joy by myself, like a lunatic, this time.

It basically went down according to this Youtube video of someone else accomplishing the feat:

You’ll notice that Lou actually goes down quickly after the first strike. Looks easy, huh? But trust me, it took countless attempts to accomplish this feat, and I feel like the king of the freakin world right now.

I am a huge fan of this game, and I obsessed over reaching this milestone, but I know my limits. I’m going to stop before I become this guy:

For a couple reasons: A) because it’s freakin impossible and B), GUITAR HERO AEROSMITH came out just a few days ago! Perfect timing!

Forget about going back to playing the real guitar…MORE GUITAR HERO!!!

I Beat Guitar Hero III.

Before I left for my vacation, I beat Guitar Hero III on “hard” mode. After trying unsuccessfully several times to beat the final boss, Lou the Demon, in an apocalyptic guitar battle, I finally triumphed and was declared a “Rock Legend” by the game.

I felt really really proud of myself after doing so. This is a true demonstration of the power of a great video game: it provides a sense of reward for accomplishment that we so often do not get in the real world. If I nailed that guitar solo in my living room on the regular guitar, there is not screaming crowd, awesome end sequence, or any other immediate gratification that Guitar Hero rewards you with after you progress through the entire sequence of songs and guitar battles.