Music: “Remember Bane,” the “Dark Knight Rises” Parody of “November Rain”

This premiered on a few weeks ago; I’m posting on my site for those who missed it, and for my own archival purposes.

At our Geek Week live performance in May, we debuted an epic Bane-themed parody of  the epic Guns ‘n’ Roses song “November Rain.” We were capturing the anxiety of the moment: the disappointment that Bane, and not a better-known Batman villain was chosen, the concern over Bane’s muffled voice, and most of all, the fear that the movie couldn’t live up to its impossibly high expectations.

Now that the movie is upon us and the reviews are in, it appears that those fears are largely unfounded and that the movie will be a resounding success. But we still felt it important–nay, necessary–to memorialize the collective anxiety of that moment in the form of a proper recorded song and music video.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you “Remember Bane.”

I’m on vocals doing my best Axl Rose impression. Instrumentals are from a prerecorded karaoke track.

Video: New York Comic-Con

Who says blogging is without its perks? Thanks to my lofty status as managing editor for, I was able to get a press pass to New York Comic-Con for the second year in a row. Words alone cannot describe the bizarreness that is Comic-Con, so this year I put together a video to share the experience with the uninitiated:

All footage was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited with Final Cut Pro.

You can see more of my Comic-Con coverage, including lots and lots of wacky costume pictures, here on