On Steven Seagal, Seth McFarlane, and Steve Ballmer

Happy Election Day! Good thing I have the day off so I can update this blog.

Okay, I’m done gloating. Here are my latest Overthinking It contributions:

  • Be sure to check out the latest podcast episode, in which the panel somehow digressed from Halloween to Steven Seagal movies. I have only myself to blame for that.
  • My latest article takes “Family Guy” and Microsoft to task for their aborted marketing attempt.

What’s your benchmark movie?

In this week’s OTI Think Tank, I present “National Treasure” as my “reference movie,” a concept which we define in a couple of ways:

  • a movie in which every good thing about it is balanced by something bad, or
  • a movie by which you judge “good movies” versus “bad movies; i.e.,, if a movie is better than your benchmark movie, it’s a “good movie,” and if it’s worse, then it’s a “bad movie.”

My choice? “National Treasure.” Good fun, but totally schlocky and riddled with cliche.

[youtube 5l-6N8Y-Sgg]

Head over to OverthinkingIt.com and suggest your own “reference movie.”

What I’ve been up to lately: Overthinking It

As in overthinkingit.com, a blog whose mission is to “subject popular culture to a level it probably doesn’t deserve.”

Here’s some of the graphics I’ve done for the site. If you like these, there’s plenty more where these came from on the site, as well as impossibly erudite pop culture analysis:

There IS crying in baseball:

Terminator TV

Slashing Private Ryan

OUIJA: Michael Bay’s next blockbuster?