Video: 30th Birthday Concert: “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Don’t Stop Believin'”

On March 23, 2012, my cover band “Mojalai (aka The All Asian Killers Cover Band)” performed its first, and perhaps only, concert on the occasion of my 30th birthday. It was…a blast. Words won’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to watch the video to get a sense of the action.

Here are a couple of highlights from the evening: “Sweet Child of Mine”

and “Don’t Stop Believin,” featuring the amazing Mike Delouis on vocals.

You can watch the rest of the videos on Youtube.


  • Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard: Mark Lee
  • Guitar, Vocals: Roger Kuo
  • Bass: Chris Torres
  • Drums: Nik Custodio
  • Vocals: Mike Delouis
  • Video: Aaron Soffin
  • Venue: Fontana’s

Thanks to everybody who came out and made this evening so. much. fun.

Video: Gypsy Jazz in Paris

A few years ago, a friend of mine turned me on to “gypsy jazz,” or “jazz manouche” as the Parisians say. Since then I’d become entranced by the intricate harmonies, driving rhythms, and virtuosic guitar solos.

So when planning my recent trip to Paris, I put gypsy jazz at the top of my agenda. With the help of some web research–most notably, this 2010 article from The Guardian–I was able to track down two gypsy jazz performances while I was there in April 2012.

Bouquet Du Nord

This is by no means a smoky, dark jazz club. By day, and six nights per week, it’s a casual café/brasserie; Friday nights, they clear a few chairs out of the way and host a house jazz band that’s joined by occasional guest musicians.

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Pop-Up Pianos, 2011

Last year I reported enthusiastically on the public art & music project, then called “Play Me, I’m Yours.” This year, the project returned under a new name, “Pop Up Pianos,” and as you can imagine, I was thrilled to have them back.

Although I didn’t land any spots in documentaries on the subject as I did last year, I did manage to get a decent recording of myself playing on one of the pianos:

This one was right on the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

And if you liked what I played, then you’ll love this guy, who was jamming before and I after I stepped up to the plate: