Election Day Follow Up: Our Democracy Is Only As Good As Our Data Entry

You may remember I had some trouble at the polls on election day. This week, I found out why I was missing from the rolls. I finally got my registration confirmation card in the mail, 3 weeks after election day, but the tardiness was not the only problem. My address was listed incorrectly on the card: 480 West XXth Street, instead of 460 West XXth Street. How it even got to me in the mail is a bit puzzling, but I realized that the “6” I wrote on the card was either mistaken for an “8” or just mistyped into the voter registration database.

Believe it or not, the difference between 480 and 460 may have caused the poll workers to not be able to find me on the rolls, since one polling place is sliced into about a dozen smaller areas by address. But that’s assuming my name wound up on someone’s rolls by election day and that the delay was just in mailing the cards out.

Either way, it’s still pretty crappy that my voter registration confirmation was sent to me 3 weeks after election day with the incorrect address. God help our democracy.