Agnes Lee, January 19, 1952 – October 21, 2004

My mom passed away five years ago this day. Looking back, I realized I wrote at least two different versions of her obituary during her last days. An extended version is below.


Myung Ja Lee, known as “Agnes” by her many friends, died October 21, 2004,, at her home in Birmingham, AL, after battling cancer.  She was fifty-two years old.  Agnes was born on January 19, 1952, in South Korea.  After completing nursing school, she moved to the United States with her husband Sang Dae in 1975, where she began working as a registered nurse.  In 1989 she moved to Birmingham, AL, with her family.  While continuing her nursing career, she became involved in the local Catholic and Korean communities, providing both with the love and compassion that everyone around her came to know.  A very spiritual and generous woman, Agnes devoted her life to giving glory to God through the care of those around her.  Her selfless care was witnessed by everyone she came to know, from elderly priests to whom she would provide food and company to her entire extended family who came to and settled in the United States through her support.