I play guitar & piano. Here’s some stuff I’ve recorded over the years.

Covers & Parodies

“Turn Down for Hutt” Parody of “Turn Down for What.” Video by Matt Belinkie (2014)

“Bob Dylan Shills for Chrysler” Parodies of “The Times They Are A Changin’,” “Blowin’ In The Wind,” “Mr. Tambourine Man,” and “Like a Rolling Stone.” (2014)

“Albuquerque City” Parody of “Atlantic City” (with Sheely and Fenzel). Warning: Breaking Bad Spoilers. (2013)

“Don’t Stop Believin'” (with Mojalai and Mike Delouis, 2012)

“Sweet Child ‘O Mine” (with Mojalai, 2012)

“Tik Tok, Blues Version” (2010)

“One Thinged Guy” – Parody of “The Wrestler” (with Belinkie & Fenzel, 2009)


“I’ll Be Back” – The Terminator Power Ballad (with Belinkie, 2009)

“Guitar Hero Hero” (2008)

“Sugar Mommy” (2007)

“On The Day” (with the Shady Characters, 2001)