New Website: Vira Slywotzky

I’ve just completed a website for Vira Slywotzky, a talented opera singer based in New York, NY. ┬áVira has sung principal roles with Seattle Opera, Chautauqua Opera, Chelsea Opera, Center for Contemporary Opera, Light Opera of New York, Sarasota Opera, Boston Midsummer Opera and the New Haven Chamber Orchestra.


New Websites: Public Works Partners, Ian Lowe

Two new websites that I designed and/or developed recently went live!

Public Works Partners

When I’m not running, I’m a consultant-cum-IT utility guy at Public Works Partners, a management consulting firm that works with nonprofits and government agencies.

We recently launched our new company brand and website. I did the development work to execute the beautiful design created by Three Furies:


Visit the site here.

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New Website:

I just (re)launched my filmmaker friend Aaron Soffin’s website,!

Years ago, I had assembled a video portfolio website for him, but as this was before online video had taken off, all of the videos were in old proprietary formats and players not conducive to easy sharing.

The new site takes video directly from YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video sources. On the backend, the site automatically extracts thumbnails from the videos and dynamically resizes them for different parts of the site. On the frontend, each video gets its own attractive presentation as well as a dynamically populated list of related videos.

Like what you see here? Check out the other websites in my portfolio. And if you or your organization needs a simple, attractive website that’s easy to update and maintain, yes, I am officially taking on new clients. I’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs further.